Online Coaching

• Career Coaching & Mentoring
• Dating and Marriage Coaching
• Life Span Development
• Group and Leadership Skill Building

How Does it Work?

Coaching is for people who function effectively in their occupation, academic, and social life; however, they are seeking guidance in developing financial, career, and relationship goals. Goals of coaching are to improve your clarity, focus, performance, and confidence. Online counseling coaching works best for high-functioning professionals & students who are motivated to work on issues related to:

Career Coaching

Professional Development


Leadership Skill Building

Work Dynamics


Dating & Marriage Coaching

Relationship Skills


Social Skills

Personal Growth

Lifespan Development



Coping Strategies for Success 


Sports Psychology

Group Dynamics

Mindset Assessment


Coaching is not recommended for clients who are healing, recovering, processing, and working through mental health issues that affect their daily functioning. During our initial consultation, I assess each client and recommend either – coaching or counseling. 

Telehealth Set-up

Online coaching provides convenience on-the-go. We meet virtually from the comfort of your home or office. All you need are headphones, your laptop, and a strong wi-fi connection. 

Your information is top-of-the-line protected and confidential. Because I am a licensed therapist, I use HIPAA-compliant online video chat software Doxy.Me & Zoom via Regroup for all sessions. Additionally, I use an Electronic Health Records System to make sure that all of your personal information is kept HIPAA-compliant. Limits to confidentiality are listed in my informed consent and are standard per state licensing board regulations. Telehealth platforms are available for download on iPhone and Android for ease of access. 

Does Insurance Cover Coaching?

No. Insurance only covers a diagnosis that meets the criteria of “medical necessity”. It is insurance fraud for me to bill your insurance company if you do not have symptoms that interfere with social and occupational functioning.

Private pay coaching is for clients without mental health issues who simply seek career, education, relationships, and personal growth mentorship. I have provided affordable rates for students and professionals who want to learn professional strategies for success.

Private Pay Fees

In-Office: $140 per hour

Online: $130 per hour

• Coaching is private-pay only. Credit cards are accepted at booking.

• Coaching clients are screened during our initial consult.

• Coaching clients do not qualify as having any “mental health diagnosis”.

• Coaching is not considered health-care, therefore, it is not covered by insurance. 

Benefits of Online Coaching

Find a coach you connect with from anywhere in the world. 

Book sessions on the weekends and evenings.

Easy and comfortable to use HIPAA compliant video conferencing platforms from your home.

Develop a convenient relationship with a go-to expert to help you make decisions.

Outcomes of Coaching

Many people have normal lifespan, relationship, cultural, and career issues. They are high-functioning, multi-passionate students, researchers, residents, scientists, athletes, and professionals. I help my clients develop their potential and find balance in their career and personal life.

Once you feel confident in your ability to make choices from an informed position – you’ll be able to connect and contribute in a way that is aligned with your values. Outcomes include developing the mindset skills to look at the big picture of your life. And, gaining clarity to create an action plan that is realistic and sustainable – thus, improving your financial, career, and relationship success.

Having a smart support team that works for you is literally life-changing financially and psychologically. With a coach on your “speed-dial”, you’ll be able to check in anytime you like – whether it’s once a week, once a month, or once every few months. You’ll love that the goal is simplicity and convenience without stressful commitments or contracts.

The outcome of working with an experienced coach is that you’ll have the skills and tools to enjoy the first-rate version of yourself in relationships, career, and life. 

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