TMI on Social Media? 3 Tips to Know What to Share About Yourself.

You have to talk about yourself on social media. But how do you know what to share?

In our personal lives, when we reveal information, we expect the other friend to mirror us and also reveal personal information. This creates a positive feedback loop. If we reveal “TMI,” or “too much information”, we make others feel uncomfortable and we get a signal to dial it back.

But on social media, how can we know what to reveal about ourselves? Since we aren’t getting real-time feedback, how do we know when were are revealing too much?

Here are 3 Tips for Sharing on Social Media:

1) Start Positively. Share a few unique and positive features that others might not know about already.

2) Start Small. Share only what you feel comfortable sharing. All relationships start slow and take time, so there’s no rush.

3) Build Your Audience. After sharing unique and special bits of information about yourself, ask about your readers. By asking for readers opinions and feelings, you can build a welcoming environment for others to share with you too.

Revealing authentic information in order to create liking and trust in relationships is called, “self-disclosure” in psychology terms. It’s a skill we can learn. The more we both share, the more we will care & continue creating a positive feedback loop. You can go beyond surface conversation eventually – but work up to it with small, positive steps!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email and share your tips, words of wisdom, and stories with us.

Remember, you’ve got this & keep up the good work!


The Wellbe To Go Team